The London Jewish Forum is an advocate for the Capital’s Jewish Community, campaigning and influencing change in the public institutions that make decisions which affect Jewish lives. Rooted within Jewish values, we work across the community regardless of religious, cultural or political affiliations or beliefs, and with our neighbours.

We work to identify the issues and concerns of London’s Jewish community and ensure that City Hall and Town Halls understand and are responsive to them.

These are often the same issues and concerns of London’s wider community. Our wellbeing is tied to that of our neighbours, so working with communities across the city, we strive to deliver a cohesive, inclusive and tolerant London that all communities can enjoy.

Our work is diverse and includes:

  • Provide a platform for London’s Jewish community to identify the issues which concern us as Londoners
  • Proactively lobby on the issues which concern our Community
  • Contributing to statutory consultations by the GLA Councils
  • Provide ad hoc briefings for Elected Officials and GLA and Council Officers
  • Provide the GLA & Councils with institutional knowledge of London’s Jewish Community
  • Engage with Civic Organisations, Coalitions and Campaigns on issues we share with our neighbours

Adrian delivering the welcome address at one of LJF's 2012 London Mayoral & Assembly election events

Adrian Cohen – Chair

  Adrian Cohen is Chair of the London Jewish Forum, a position he has held since 2006 and in this capacity has worked to promote the interests of the Jewish community of London within the Greater London Authority. He holds a number of other positions in the community. He is deputy for Highgate United Synagogue …

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Our Board

  LJF is governed as a registered charity and company (limited by guarantee) by the Board of Trustees, which is responsible for the overall performance of the organisation, meeting its financial, legal and human capital responsibilities. The Trustees meet from time to time to review its performance in the light of its charitable aims and …

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