Jun 30

Golders Green Together statement on moved rally

Golders Green Together, led by the London Jewish Forum, The Board of Deputies of British Jews and HOPE Not Hate, is delighted to hear that the anticipated far-right provocation in Golders Green has been moved away from the area. We would like to thank the Police for all they have done to ensure the safety of local residents was prioritised and that community life in one of Britain’s most diverse areas was safeguarded.


The CST and various campaigning groups who have made representations on this matter should be praised in full, as should the voices of every local resident, every shop owner and every outraged resident that has demanded their voice be heard. Our campaign has fought to underline that community spirit and unification can undermine voices of hate and discrimination, we are delighted with this result.


Adrian Cohen, Chair of London Jewish Forum said: “We are delighted that common sense has prevailed and that a fringe group seeking to spread hate have been banned from demonstrating. The spirit in which the local community have coalesced around our Golders Green Together campaign has been fantastic and underlines the message that there is no place for hate in our communities.”


Jonathan Arkush, President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews said: “The sad little gathering of Nazi admirers was rejected by Golders Green Together and has now been forced out of Golders Green altogether. Our community and many others stood together in unity, pride and strength and we have won.  Our Shabbat will be one of shalom, just as it always should be.”


Golders Green Together will proceed with its decorating initiative on the 3rd of July, especially as the far-right groups are still planning to protest in Central London. We will not let those who seek to spread hate divide us, we will stand together as one community.

Jun 25

Holocaust survivors supporting Golders Green Together

Yesterday, the London Jewish Forum met with Holocaust survivors living in London who were keen to show their support for our  ‘Golders Green Together’ campaign. Around 15 survivors were joined by carers to have their photos taken with our placards. It is a great privilege for us to have had the opportunity to meet with them, let alone have them support this campaign.


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Jun 23


Adrian and Gemma BoD Exec BoD BoD1 GGT JC photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Jun 08

Launch of #Golders Green Together

At 12,30pm on the 8th June 2015, the London Jewish Forum launched its joint campaign with HOPE Not Hate and the Board of Deputies of British Jews under the banner of ‘Golders Green Together’.

The campaign provides a community-led response to the anticipated far-right presence in the area at the beginning of July. Leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds stood together in front of our banner to stand united and to celebrate the diversity of this wonderful city.  Mike Freer, MP for Golders Green and Finchley, and Andrew Dismore, London Assembly Member for Barnet, were both in attendance.

Adrian Cohen, Chair of London Jewish Forum, said, “It was fantastic to see such great support from leaders across the communities of Golders Green. We’d like to thank all who turned up for the launch of this initiative, in particular our local elected representatives. Today’s launch underlines the enthusiastic spirit with which we will aim to ensure the voice of Golders Green’s diverse community is heard.”


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Jun 04

Golders Green Together

As many people will be aware, a tiny group of Nazi supporters have decided to target the Jewish community of Golders Green. They intend to hold a protest in Golders Green on 4 July.  Their aim is to spread fear and division, to fracture the peace and good neighbourliness that exists between our communities and to insult the memory of those who died at the hands of their murderous forebears.


Golders Green Together is a joint initiative launched by the London Jewish Forum as well as the national anti-fascist organisation HOPE not hate. This initiative is also being supported by the Board of Deputies of British Jews and has been fully discussed with Community Security Trust.


We believe that the most effective response we can have to this provocation is to show our communities reject the politics of hatred, and instead stand together.


We have planned a series of dignified and appropriate activities in response to the demonstration showing that Golders Green’s communities won’t be divided.


How can you help?

  • On Tuesday 9th June, we will be launching #GoldersGreenTogether urging local community members to take photographs together holding a slogan: ‘Golders Green Together’
  • Using social media, people will be able to upload and share their diverse photos representing this slogan in a declaration of unity
  • On Sunday 21 June we will be leafleting door to door across Golders Green sharing a message of HOPE and urging our communities to continue to work together.  If you want to help distribute leaflets then please contact info@ljf.org.uk
  • On the morning of Friday 3 July we will be encouraging the community to join in decorating Golders Green with ribbons (in gold and green to represent Golders Green) to show we are a strong, diverse and united community.  To get involved with this please email gemma@ljf.org.uk
  • To provide a positive response to this attack on our community, we are planning a tabloid style eight page community newspaper.  We are looking for current ‘good news stories’ which celebrate the diversity and inclusion of Golders Green. If you would like to contribute to this paper please email: john@hopenothate.org.uk

We look forward to seeing the momentum of this positive campaign growing over the next few weeks. In the meantime, please follow us on Twitter @GG_Together or email info@ljf.org.uk to join our mailing list.



May 01

Hornsey and Wood Green Hustings

In Partnership with Muswell Hill Synagogue, the London Jewish Forum held the fifth and final of its General Election Hustings, this time in Hornsey and Wood Green. Held for the last ten years by the Liberal Democrats, this seat will be closely contested at the 2015 General Election.

In attendance were: Catherine West (Labour), Suhail Rahuja (Conservative), Lynne Featherstone (Liberal Democrats), Clive Morrison (UKIP), Anne Gray (replacing Gordon Peters) (Green). The event was chaired by Sam Clarke, member of the Synagogue.

Adrian Cohen, Chair of LJF said: “As with many other constituencies in which we have run events, Hornsey and Wood Green will be closely fought. It was good to see such an engaged crowd challenging candidates on issues ranging from local schools to the environment, as well as Israel’s security”. He further remarked ”LJF serves as the platform of engagement for our community on the issues that matter most to them as Jewish Londoners. We are already looking forward to providing similar opportunities for widespread engagement into the Mayoral election of 2016.”

H and WG

Apr 29

Finchley and Golders Green Hustings

In Partnership with the LJCC and the Jewish News, the London Jewish Forum held the fourth of its General Election Hustings, this time in Golders Green and Finchley. Gained by the Conservatives in 2010, this seat is shaping up to be one of the most closely contested at the 2015 General Election.

In attendance were: Sarah Sackman (Labour), Mike Freer (Conservative), Jonathan Davies (Liberal Democrats), Richard King (UKIP), Adele Ward (Green). The event was chaired by Kelvin McKenzie, former Editor of The Sun.

Jay Stoll, Public Affairs Director of LJF said: “It was fantastic to see another packed out audience of 200 people for an LJF event”. He further remarked that the event, “served as another display of the wide-reaching concerns our community will take to the ballot box in a week’s time”

 We wish all the candidates standing for this position the best of luck.


Apr 23

Hampstead and Kilburn Hustings

In Partnership with Ham and High and JW3, the London Jewish Forum held the third of its General Election Hustings, this time in Hampstead and Kilburn. At the 2010 General Election, this seat was the most marginal in the country, so it was great to see another sell-out crowd quizzing their prospective parliamentary candidates.

In attendance were: Tulip Siddiq (Labour), Simon Marcus (Conservative), Maajid Nawaz (Liberal Democrats), Magnus Nielsen (UKIP), Rebecca Johnson (Green). The event was chaired by Geoff Martin, Editor of the Ham and High.

Raymond Simonson, JW3 CEO and LJF Steering Group Member, said: “Really great, high quality hustings [with] great questions from the packed out audience of 250 people”. He further remarked that it was “Inspiring to see local people so engaged in the relevant issues of this election”.



L-R: Tulip Siddiq (Labour), Magnus Nielsen (UKIP), Geoff Martin (Ham & High), Rebecca Johnson (Green), Maajid Nawaz (Liberal Democrat) and Simon Marcus (Conservative)


Apr 20

Hendon Hustings

On 19th April 2015, the London  Jewish Forum held the second of its five election hustings in the constituency of Hendon.

The event took place at Hendon United Synagogue, with 150 people attending to hear their prospective parliamentary candidates pitch their views. In attendance was Matthew Offord (Conservative), Andrew Dismore (Labour), Alasdair Hill (Liberal Democrats), Raymond Shamash (UKIP) and Ben Samuels (Green Party). Matters for debate were wide ranging and included: free schools, police and crime in Hendon, Israel, coalition politics, housing and much more.


LJF Public Affairs Director Jay Stoll said, “It was great to see the full set of parliamentary candidates in Hendon tackling the big issues of the day in front of a passionate crowd. The range of issues discussed only serves to highlight the diversity of political interests within our community”.

The event in Hendon kicked off LJF’s General Election Series, with future hustings to be held in: Hampstead and Kilburn, Hornsey and Wood Green, Golders Green and Finchley.


Hendon hustings

Apr 17

Upcoming Hustings Events

Please see a list of our upcoming Hustings events below.

Please contact gemma@ljf.org.uk for more information.

General Election Hustings Advert

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